First blog post of 2017, still the same me ain't nothing changed.
#NewYearSameMe. I'm not against anyone setting goals for themselves for whatever reasons, Do you Hunny!
We have to respect one another's ways of looking at things; I just don't like the pressure that comes with setting yourself a goal due to a date change and also because of what society continues to perpetuate in our minds that we cannot achieve happiness unless we are a certain weight or look a certain way.
I still believe that you should do and wear whatever you want with confidence because it is your life to live and no one elses.

The one thing I enjoy thoroughly is travelling ,I really wish I could do it alot more.
Anyway I have a few plans for the year, fingers crossed I will be spending alot more time on the beach waking up looking like this...

Cover up - Fave online available here
Bodysuit  - boohoo
Heels - F&F

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