So what if people stare?

When people see a fat person taking the escalator they're probably thinking 'what a lazy cow'  at his/her size they should probably be taking the stairs.

The contradiction....when a fat person is at the gym or running they're laughing at them or mocking them.
It took a while for me  to be able to wear a bodycon dress comfortably, and not feel so conscious about the way it looked on my body. Because as the name suggests -the dress will hold onto the contours of your body! However the actual definition is 'body conscious' - meaning that it reveals one's physique - I'm guessing you have to be conscious of how great your body looks in the dress. This would be most desirable.

I kept thinking that these types of dresses are not for 'fat' people , only girls/women of a certain size should be wearing it. And trust me quite a few other people thought the same, a friend of mine was like 'yeah I think its a nice dress but not for someone your size!'

If you've been reading my blog enough you'll notice I actually have no aversion towards body contouring clothing, hahaha. And and and...guess what because I told myself that I wasn't gonna let my friends opinion matter or anybody else's for that matter stop me from wearing that dress.

If they were gonna look me up and down or stare then so be it, because they don't really matter, I do!
Moreover on the flip side of things more people actually gave me compliments about the way I looked than the latter. This is why it's also important to be selective of the people that you have around you, negative people will break you down I tell you..but that's for another post.

After a while you'll realise that you shouldn't really care about what's going through people's minds and actually maybe its your own inner thinking and negative thoughts that you're projecting, perhaps a little bit of paranoia, hahaha!

People like to stare anyway regardless , we are all guilty of it, I'll be one of the first to admit it.
So whatever you decide to wear don't care so much about how you think people will be looking at you, or perceive you - If it's something nice that you want to wear and it fits and it makes you feel good then just go with it.
And if it has got even more of a wow factor then even better - give them something to really talk about.

When I saw this Plum dress from ASOS I got so excited, firstly because it wasn't black -)( I am desperately trying to stay away from wearing black all the time) , secondly it was a bodycon dress with see - through  sheer panels - Amazing!

I love that this dress  is sexy but doesn't show off too much skin.
I was totally prepared to have all eyes on me! Had a lil'  talk with myself  in the mirror before I left the house and let confidence do the rest!

Dress ASOS
Jewelry River Island
Bag Karen Millen
Peep toe heels Truworths

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