What your curves deserve..

It's rare that I feel so inspired by poetry that I feel like I cannot hold it in and I need to share it with others, the poem by Lucille Clifton did exactly that,  It is thought provoking ; exudes optimism and confidence and Is definitely a must read!

Homage to my Hips 

To listen to the reading click here

I love that this poem 'touches' on so many body image issues. And spreads far more than just one's appreciation and acceptance of their hips. It could be any part of your body that you need to love and pay homage to.

She (Lucille) is openly declaring her love for her body and her words seem to shatter all the negativity , self destructive, self -loathing opinions that we harbor in our very being.

Now let's talk about the fact that we all work hard for our money (well most of us anyway, hahah) so wouldn't you want value for your money when you purchase a piece of clothing? Damn right you would!
However at the same time its also you that is holding yourself back, DO NOT feel 
that your body should limit your clothing options, or your ability to be sexy or adventurous with fashion. 
And Please , please DO Not make every single style decision based on how to cover your never-ending list of 'flaws.'" 

Those 'flaws' you have are beautiful , 
Those 'flaws' = Your Curves
And your curves deserve the very best 
Pay homage to your curves as Lucille did to her hips
Stop treating your body as if it were a prisoner that needed to be locked away, probed and prodded  and tortured into submission.

* By the way - I love my hips - every inch of them -and they are wide- but whats the point of having them if you don't give them what they deserve!

I'm wearing a dress two ways, one as top and i have ruched the bottom for effect and then afterwards  I just decided to let it out so to speak. I love this because you can take it from day to night in an instant. 

Dress ASOS, Stretchy legging pants GAP, Sandals Mr Price , Earrings YDE, Bangles Accessorize 

The dress on its own...
Sunglasses,  Chrome hearts rear end 

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