You make it real for me...

So it has  been a whole year since I started the blog - on the 3rd of  November 2013 to be exact is when i decided to do my very first post!
Its been a great journey so far albeit with ups and downs. blogging isn't as easy as I thought it would be - assumptions are a terrible thing.

There's been days when i really haven't felt like it - emotionally and physically and just some days when i just couldn't be bothered, hahahah *hides*
The reality is that it is difficult to get someone to help you take photos and imagine your vision so its not like I don't want to , sometimes I just don't have anyone to help me out you see.
But still I have to carry on - because you guys make it all worth it - whether I receive 2 views, 20 views or 200 views a day.

My reasons for starting the blog remain the same - its for every human being that has been made to feel like they don't 'fit in' or aren't good enough, I also still share my thoughts and opinions of life in general whilst doing an outfit post - I know it's not the norm but then again 'normal is boring'.

You make it real for me...
So thank you from the bottom of my heart and please do keep following - you have no idea how happy it makes me!!


I really wanted to wear the tshirt on its own because the message "Im kind of a big deal on my blog'  just stands out so much and I really like that. I wore it with tights and then a pair of jeans in the end just to show you its versatility - hahahah its a tshirt - they usually are easy to pair, anyway it is what it is.

What I'm wearing 
Tshirt - from the Uk (Im not sure which shop) - my Mum and sister bought and chose it for me
Tights - Truworths
Heels - Plum 

I was really feeling myself!!

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