the honesty of self-love

Hello everyone..

It's been over two months (almost three) since my last blog post and I feel ashamed.
I will do better.

I have been wanting to feature this blogger/writer for a while now but never got round to it because well I still hadn't taken any photos to go with it.
She speaks so eloquently and is painfully honest in relation to how much we love ourselves or whether we actually do in the first place.

you think you know but you have no idea.

A few excerpts..

'Lets be even more honest. By the world’s definition and standard of beauty, most of us are ugly. Yeah I said it, you are ugly and so am I. But what does that mean? Is it important? Nope. All it means is that you do not reach a standard that was created without your permission. A man-made standard that was created out of thin air. If you’re a Black woman like I am, it’s a standard that was created deliberately to exclude you.'

'Because the journey to self-love hurts. It's ironic. It will strip you of all your defense mechanisms; the way you hide your smile because your teeth are crooked, the way you stand at an angle that hides your chubby tummy, or the way you only take selfies from the left side because your skin has less acne scars on that side.'

Check out the full article here  

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