Smile - even though your heart is breaking

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”

 In addition to the curves you already have don’t neglect that one that can change your day, your outlook, your feelings and even your life! Isn't it amazing how a smile can change someone’s appearance almost instantaneously – nothing short of a miracle I tell ya.

I have been told numerous times that I am a cold person – non affectionate, emotionally detached and all the rest of it (probably why I wear so much black, hah!), I don’t know if I have always been this way or it’s something that I developed over the years or whether it was triggered by some sort of traumatic experience of some sorts. But I really doubt it. I was reminded again recently that I spend far too much time making other people happy – and its draining and it sucks when all you do is give and you get nothing in return. 
And don't get me wrong this isn't about a failed intimate relationship - its about my family and friends..

When people want to treat you like a piece of paper, throw you away and pick you up at their own convenience. Still it comes down to the fact that you teach people how to treat you. So therefore in order for them to change that behavior you then need to make that change and the rest will fall into place.
So until then just keep smiling and try to maintain some sort of happiness and hopefulness that things will get better. Think about it I mean when you’re at the bottom the only way to go is UP!

This woven top from ASOS gives me some sense of fulfillment every time I put it on because of the ambiguity in the print – it’s a heart that has an arrow going through it which usually symbolizes cupids bow for two people who have madly fallen in love/everlasting love. However for me it conjures up feelings of heartbreak and longing. 

The lyrics to Sade’s soldier of love come to mind...

I've lost the use of my heart – but I’m still alive” 
– that’s me to a T. I'm heartbroken but it doesn't mean I’m going to stop trying to find love – that’s all.

So I took these photos couple of weeks ago  just as the little bit of sunshine was saying goodbye – this is the type of outfit you can rock from day to night.  It’s a nice transition from the office to going out for dinner, drinks, whatever.

Oooh and its much warmer in SA now – Spring has definitely sprung, I CANNOT wait to share my spring/summer wardrobe choices with y’all (that’s if I’m not too busy, hahaha)

Top - ASOS,
 Skirt - Lipsy ,
 Leopard print peep toes - Nine West 

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