My mistakes are no worse than yours...just because I'm a woman

Double standards - they probably exist for everything and everyone and there seems to be no escape.
It annoys me to no end!
Certain behaviours and things are allowed in society based purely on your sex.
Boys are supposed to behave in certain ways and can do bad things that result in less consequences than their female counterparts - that's life you say but I think not!
We have the power to change people's perceptions and ideas about the way they treat both sexes.

I think my biggest gripe is in relation to relationships , sexual relationships to be exact.
It blows my mind that still, in this day and age a woman gets ostracized because she has a past. Men can have sex with countless amounts of women but it is still ok because that's what men do! Really - just because that's what they do?
and the thing is he will not lose his appeal to women partly  because it's become convention that guys can sow their wild oats everywhere but it's ok as long as he chooses you! 
however if a guy knows a woman's sexual history it's just so off putting - he cant take her seriously and the thought of his friends finding out frightens the hell out of him so he probably will have sex with her but not get into a relationship with her. Sucks , don't it?

A song released by Dolly Parton in the 1970's is still relevant today - in the song she talks about how her partner is disappointed because he finds out that she has perhaps a colourful sexual history, lol you get my point..

Now a man will take a good girl
And he'll ruin her reputation
But when he wants to marry
Well, that's a different situation
He'll just walk off and leave her
To do the best she can
While he looks for an angel
To wear his wedding band

I mean we all want to end up with someone that hasn't been with everybody but in reality we all know they have a past  but surely that shouldn't take away from the feelings you have for that person and the bond that you have cultivated.

but then it all comes down to your image and reputation which link directly to you worrying about what people think of you. Don't blow someone off purely because they may have had sex with someone that you know - it may not have worked out with that person  but you don't know that it will be the same for you too. Happiness is scarce so don't let love elude you!

its getting rather cold here in JHB (so sad!) and winter is fast approaching...but it's not freezing cold which is why I opted for the usual leggings and top then decided to throw on this lovely oversized cardi which I got from my Mama.

Cardigan - New Look,  Leggings - Outlet store , Heels - Plum 

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