I'm no Angel..

This blog post was inspired by the current campaign being run by Lane Bryant's underwear campaign which takes a dig at the infamous Victoria Secrets Angels. - check it out here

I'm no Angel...but then again neither are you!
Nobody's perfect so please lets stop being so judgemental about each other...it's not a competition.
and lastly please do not judge others purely on the reason that they sin differently than you do! - Erykah Badu....

And that's all..hope everyone is having an awesome weekend wherever you are!

Love always

Stacey Gee

Im in love with all black and gold - I recently even received perfume from my bestie Bex which coincidentally is in Black and gold packaging - AHHH I love it!!!
This outfit is awesome you can take it straight from office to an outing - versatility incarnate!
Please excuse the excessive pics in this post I got a tad bit carried away!! ^_^

Dress - ASOS, Belt - River Island , Shoes - Plum, Jewelry - New Look (courtesy of my lovely sister Bessie)

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