Don't let anyone intimidate you!

As if it's not enough that we as women struggle in general with trying to keep up with society's demands to be perfect and also the expectation from men to look, act and behave in a certain way.
What annoys me the most though is the way other women like to break others down.
Where is the love?
what happened to sisterhood?
It's really not a competition , this life. We have to remember that one of the reasons that why we are on this earth is to give and receive Love.
If you want to compare yourself to others then go ahead it's your prerogative but then don't tear another woman down in the process. It's just unnecessary and it yields no benefits. Instead learn from other women and share experiences and perhaps take the time to know them before you judge them.

Life is already hard as it is, please don't make it even worse for the next woman.
Man or woman don't let anyone intimidate you, you don't owe them anything and as long as they're not adding to your life then they need to be subtracted.
That's all.

I've been a bit busy lately so didn't really have time to do a blog post (I was also procrastinating , LOL), anyway this jersey dress amazing - its polo neck and bodycon- perfect for this weird cold/hot weather in South Africa. Plus I love the snake print monochrome thing going on. It was a steal at ASOS at only 16pounds which is around R320.

Dress ASOS
Heels Topshop
Earrings -(from India) Gift from my friend Thinusha 

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