Love the life you Live...

So many times I have come across this quote but only till recently did it make sense to me in more ways than I could ever imagine.
Death is imminent , it's inevitable , it is unexpected and no matter how many times you experience it around you , you will still never get used to it.
Losing someone you love is an indescribable feeling - no one can understand exactly how you feel or even fathom the thought.
But everything in life is a lesson learnt , we live everyday without actually appreciating the gift of life. The fact that we woke up and yet somebody somewhere didn't get that chance.
My ode to everyone is just to cherish your loved ones more , tell them how much you love them and need them but most of all don't just say it - Show them!
It's been so long since my last blog post but I am feeling awakened , rejuvenated and am looking at life in a whole different light.
And after listening to some of your feedback and requests I have managed to take some really good quality photos - my fellow bloggers know the struggle of getting a photographer , shout out to my friend Lesley for coming through with this , its been long overdue and the museum for letting us use such an awesome location!

I will be doing 3 blog posts on the three outfits I wore to do the shoot to try and make up for the time I have spent M.I. A , lol
And i still checked through and could see that you guys were still coming through to check out the blog - thank you so much and I will leave with the most important three words 
                                                      I Love y'all!

Ps - did you peep my new hairstyle - totally Chaka Khan & Bob Marley inspired xo

Jumpsuit - ASOS
Heels - Solo
Jewelry - River Island

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