Life is your game to play, not emulate

Hello everybody!!

I am finally in the UK and enjoying catching up with my family and getting used to the exchange rate which is killin' my pocket but still I soldier on and try to remember the importance of life -which is Love !

I have been thinking alot lately about relationships in general and it hurts me and bothers me when people don't see their worth  and try so hard for people that will never treat them with the respect they deserve (myself included). Stop being a place holder for someone as all you will get  is excuses and not commitment. Why bother continuing talking to someone  who doesn't want you the way you want them?
hope that sinks in...
I hope everyone has an awesome week - try not to worry about how others find love or keep it-  it's of no consequence to you . 
Your life is your game to play, not emulate.

Jacket - Inwear(Truworths)
Leggings - QP boutique
Heels - Solo 
Waist trainer - waist training goddess

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