We live in a world now where at the touch of a button you can create a profile on a social platform and be whatever or whoever you want to be, Actually you can be as bad as you wanna be.
the down side of this is that now people no longer know how to exist outside of the borders of social media. don't know how to have a conversation in person anymore and probably don't know  that they can still use their phones for making a call.

Don't get me wrong -the amount of interaction, comments , likes I receive on social media are all relevant ,it means something to me, it means that the messages and information I want to put out there are appreciated.
but they're not everything.
Remember at all times we only present what we want people to see, we choose to omit certain things, whether it's relationship status, the days I feel depressed or look like shit.
Shit is real.
Life is real.
I'm just reminding us all that in this cyber world plus society that puts pressure on us to look and behave a certain way do not lose yourself in it.
Value yourself - flaws and all, stop worrying so much about your negatives.

Build on your strengths , Manage your weaknesses. 

This Olive dress is usually what I go for- because it's a bodycon, again a shoot with Mr Abrahams (genius).
It's getting cold here in SAand I am definitely going to be rocking alot of dresses with layers ofcourse.

Dress - Boohoo
Sandals - Solo
Belt - RevelationFashion 

Comments are always welcome-  on that device you can use to make a call as well, hahaha

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