The only way of getting over low self esteem lays in NOT competing with other women for attention.
If you’re unhappy with your facial features but have a nice butt, you accentuate that in clothing and lean on having a fringe to hide your big forehead.
If you’re unhappy with the build of your body from the chest down but have a gorgeous face, you’re taking pictures to accentuate  cleavage and face, while cropping out the rest. 
The result is that you get attention only for the things you feel are your strongest points, which makes you feel less insecure , yes? But not really.
This selective method of self love is like being an estate agent that tries to sell a penthouse by only ever letting people view one room. You as a whole are enough not parts of you.
Charisma does not come from body parts so stop wishing for something you don’t have. Inject some self esteem and implant some confidence. That’s the only makeover you need.

My love for bodycon dresses is never ending and leather and winter go together.

Dress – Foschini
Waist coat – Topshop

Heels - CottonOn

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