How To Be More Confident

Ok so...I don't have some miracle cure for low self esteem or low body image.
Lord knows I struggle sometimes even when I could be having  a really good day then all it takes is for someone to f*ck my shit up and then it all falls to pieces.
People always be trying you even when you're minding your own business...damn like I didn't ask your opinion on whether I should lose weight just cause the last time you saw me I wasn't as chunky....urgh . Just let me be ME!

Anyway rant over just wanted to share a few tips on being more confident...

Stay Ready - as in be prepared for people to throw shade , not that you should smack a b*tch, lol just keep in mind that someone will try you..just be ready to deal with don't even have to respond..forget 'em

Stop comparing yourself to others - Stay focused on You!

Love Your Damn Self - You are a Gift. Nothing would be the same if you didn't exist.

Do what you Love, Say what You want - Life's too short to waste your time doing otherwise.

Be Unapologetic - About the way you look, about the way you dress - whether you wear alot of clothes , a few or nothing at all. 

This dress can no longer be worn as a dress cause it has a massive tear at the got torn when i sat on a i cant show you the back, not that My pics ever feature my backside anyway, hahaha

Dress - ASOS
Heels - Solo

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