This post marks a second time looking at collaborative efforts.
only this time it's just me in an outfit with some really amazing poetry to go with it.
one of the main reasons i appreciate social media is because of the people that I get to interact with daily , it's been a blessing because some have become friends.

I 'met' Takwana a year ago and finally we have managed to put something together.
He's super talented and I see amazing things for him in the future.

Check him out on Instagram: abstracttee
Facebook: Takwana Nhamo

Precious treasure in Blue, the sea Precious treasure in you, I see Ebony glowing Skin touched by first light, beautiful summer morning Her smiling Dayspring, dawning God's grace You possess An image of what I would imagine an angle's face What did I do to deserve this Much peace A small piece of heavenly peace Beautiful panaromic sun setting, drowning in a lake, the view So organically beautiful it reminds me of you, A pleasure to view Breathtaking Running, panting, gasping for you Precious treasure in ebony, the Hue Precious treasure is you

What I'm wearing
Dress - Legit
Perspex Heels - Public desire

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