Under Where?

JourdannXMissguided launched on the 13th of March.
I love the fact that Jourdann handpicked the models that were used for the campaign and they were all women who had a message; they gave some insight into who they are by telling us ‘how they set their world on fire’.

I'm all for collaborations especially when it brings brands together that are trendy as well as inspiring. Jourdann is a fashion icon, no doubt. It's no secret I love Missguided and I love how they cater for the plus size ladies without compromising on style even though I do feel there was more...because I want more. More is always best.
The underwear ensemble is reminiscent of the signature Calvin Klein with the bold signature writing around the elastic band.

I am wearing the biggest size available in the range which is a UK 16. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that it fit well.
Very well actually.
I would’ve hoped that it would have been available in larger sizes for my fellow plus sized ladies but alas it isn’t so.
Then again with most collections such as these they always steer away from making anything bigger than a 16 because they fear  that it takes away from the beauty aesthetic of the clothing.
So bloody annoying.

Obviously the collection is made up other clothing. i think there is something for everybody , it's very trendy with velour, mesh and jersey.
it's very much designed for street style.
some of the stuff i'm a bit weary of because I wouldn't know how to style it, lol.
 However give it a go and browse the collection.

One day..one day it will be fair until then ladies if you’re looking for something similar the more pricier CK logo underwear has expanded their size range.

Leather jacket – Truworths
Bra and knickers – both Missguided available here 

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