What does being charismatic mean to you...for some it means someone who has a great sense of humour, an extrovert personality who meshes into different groups of people effortlessly, for me it just means someone who is able to be confident enough to not really give a damn about what anybody thinks and is just themselves. Just being YOU! Because in order to be charismatic you kinda have to be confident, hah dare I say perhaps a lil' cocky.

Look it up on Wikipedia and you'll see how conveniently it fits my purpose; as the iconic Marilyn Monroe is displayed as a perfect example of being able to turn her charisma on and off at will!

I dare you...go on...check it out...I know you want to click here..

C'mon ladies there are times when you look in the mirror and think ' Damn, I look good' or 'I like how I look in this dress, top, etc and then when you step out into the real world all of a sudden that confidence disappears. You did look good dammit you just need to stop overthinking it.

I know right, easier said than done but seriously its all in the mind, its amazing how your thoughts become reality.

Don't let doubt kill your confidence and conjure up thoughts of not 'measuring up'. Stop letting fear of what other other people think restrict your inner 'Marilyn' . What others think of  you is none of your business.

 Your self confidence is all that matters.
Again...I will admit, easier said than done right..I too struggle from time to time with keeping my charismatic stance but then I remember how important it is to be me, (cue R Kelly -'there can only be one me'), Hahaha

This what I wore the other day

Mr Price Body con dress Similar dress here , Cotton On watch , Truworths platform peep toe heels

*Special thanks to KeKe for capturing the moment (she's such a babe!)

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