Learn to be unapologetic...

Ladies...right this minute right now you are who you are and certain events and life experiences have  molded your present, including your weight.
Whether you are naturally a thick girl, put on weight steadily or recently, struggling with  post baby weight or just are...thick, fat, plus size - whatever you want to label it as... FAT..however I don't think is necessarily such a bad word, I like to think of myself as 'a hot fat girl' and I find it empowering!!!! Because I refuse to apologise for the way I look and what I am wearing. Errrm my butt usually looks big in whatever I'm wearing so I am not about to be asking anybody to give their opinion.
All the curves on your body are part of you and you shouldn't be ashamed of them, even if the media or anybody else tells you otherwise.

Right now..I need you to start being unapologetic
Stop apologizing for the meal you ate, the cocktails you had last night, that chocolate pudding or whatever...
Dress the way that you want to dress, I know its difficult to walk into numerous shops in the mall and you see something you like and lo' and behold they don't carry your size...yes many of us can bear testament to that.
Or if you go into Plus size stores that do have your size they too quickly become  a source of anguish and despair - the ultimate enemy because the clothes are frumpy, ill fitting, outdated or just simply ugly!!!
*sigh* The amount of times I've gone into a shop and just felt so disheartened by the lack of 'fashionable' clothing.

To feel sexy is to be confident, to be confident is to be fearless, To be fearless is being unapologetic, This results in going after what you want, YOU want to look and feel good right now so do it, STOP over-thinking about what you think you can and cannot wear, if it makes you feel good throw it on and strike a pose. YOU are a Queen,YOU are a 'Hot fat girl' , its about where you are going and not where you have been, Love YOU, Love YOURSELF!!

A very wise man told me 'Beauty , Confidence, and Coolness are the traits of a woman who will always win!'

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