Back to Black



Words can never begin to express how much I adore Amy Winehouse - May her soul rest in peace.
The song back to black (in my opinion)  is about a relationship that didn't work out so then you go back to the things that you used to do, which for most of us are not really good or positive things - because of feeling melancholy you also want to look how you feel and be closer to the darkness and give in to your vices - smoking, drinking, becoming withdrawn and unsociable... I could go on.

For me its sort of like mourning - you know like going through the motions of something/somebody you've lost BUT you must get over it!

However Black shouldn't always be simultaneous with sadness it's also reminiscent of elegance, its timeless and forever chic - even when it's about to be spring! hahaha

Black is just easy to wear,  to accessorize ; and when in doubt of what to wear definitely is your go-to solution.

I was so happy to find Jeans that fit properly with rather interesting material - it's difficult to describe the fabric stretch though very sturdy.
This top is about 3 years old - I bought it in the Topshop sale - it looked too small when I first looked at and the reality is that Topshop sizes are cut a bit small - usually a size 16 top shop would be like a 14 but then again alot of retailers are like that - hence why its important to always try on whatever it is you're buying cause purchasing items via face value is always going to leave room for disappointment - literally!!

Top - Topshop , Jeans/pants - Edgars , Boots - Nine West 

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