Dressing well...

From a very young age I could always recall how Myself or my sisters and I would sit by my Mum's dressing table and watch her get ready from head to toe right down to the colour of her lipstick choice I was always paying attention. And there the seed was sown how important it is to 'dress up' - whether it's for work everyday or just in general I still believe 'life's still too short to wear boring clothes'
There's something about the way that 'killer outfit' can make you feel so good that you feel like there's no one else around - I love that feeling - its like a drug.
Isn't it weird and a bit unfair that comfortable clothing /shoes aren't usually show stoppers - so to speak.

I get it though,dressing well does obviously require a bit more effort but the results speak for themselves, so sometimes when you really cant be bothered just dig a little deeper and think of how rude you're being by not rocking your best!!, Lol.

So I've had this dress from Mango for almost a year and a half and only wore it a few times - but I love the colour  and the peplum design and the shoes were one of my best birthday presents in a very long time - tartan is always seen as one of those prints that should be reserved only for Winter but that's not the case - it looks good any season just depends on what you pair it with!

Dress - MANGO
Peep toe Heels - Edgars
Gold chain - Topshop

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