Kisses down low

Guys I found yet another piece of inspiring, mesmerizing beautifully crafted poetry  and from a fellow curvy blogger who I think is absolutely gorgeous and flawless - Jay Miranda , you can check out her site here

Her poem is titled 'My thighs kiss' and she calls it 'a love letter to my thighs'

My favourite line ....

                                My thighs are not rubbing; they are kissing

Again I have to repeat 
                                 My thighs are not rubbing; they are kissing

Just amazing.

As  a fat girl which I don’t find offensive at all, lets face that its difficult to find clothing that expresses who I am.
I still believe strongly in body positivity and fat acceptance.

Clothing is and will always be in my opinion  an important means of self expression. Curvy women shouldn’t have to make every style or outfit choice based on covering up their never ending list of flaws.

So next time you feel your thighs are rubbing together, remember that they're kissing!

What I'm wearing...

Dress - River Island
Heels - Limited edition - Marks and Spencer

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