Purple Haze..

So today is the first of the month - everyday is a chance for bigger and better things to happen though it's so weird that the year has gone by so quickly and as you get older I think time flies by even quicker *sigh!

Festive season is only 84days away - yes I checked online , no I do not have the app, hahaha!

Have I mentioned before that purple is my favourite colour, always has been , can't explain why - whereas most girls liked pink I was always an in between child a bit of pink with a dazzle of the dark side, lol - Purple haze.

Maybe some of you are unawares of the legend that is Jimi Hendrix who also died when he was 27 like my darling Amy Winehouse was - seems the artists I adore joined the 27 club so imagine my horror when Lana Del Rey started cancelling concerts - I could only think ominous thoughts.

Anyway Spring /Summer days can get unbearably hot and there's nothing like an easy breezy beautiful light dress to get you through the day.

The earrings were a real bargain at R20 - I love them, they make feel so cheery!!
This Chilli pepper dress aka Purple haze has been worn numerous times and I fear it's starting to disintegrate slowly so I thought I'd better get a post in now before it's no longer blog-worthy. I still love it anyway, some may say that it is too short or exposes too much but I'm like meh - maid - 
whatever !
 I urge you to find a dress that feels as light and airy as this one , you will enjoy it.

Until then 'Scuse me while I kiss the sky' xoxo

Dress - Chilli Pepper

Sandals - London rebel
Earrings - China Mall (Johannesburg)
Watch - Sekonda 

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