Summer daze...

Some days are good, some days are bad, some are just indistinguishable - tedious and rather boring, but there's just some days you never forget...

Life is just all about surprises, it throws curve balls when you least expect it.
I don't really want to delve too deep into it but recently I lost someone very close to me , it was unexpected and has left a massive hole in my heart.
Death is a thief that takes away without conscience and is just something you can never get used to...ever.

When some people leave your life you know that will never be able to replace them, that feeling -incomprehensible.
We should spend more time with our loved ones, making them feel special and reminding them of how much we love and care for them.
Life's too short, it may be a long way but our passing is unpredictable, as much as we are under the assumption that we are in control.
So please let's make an effort to love one another a bit more everyday...

Today was one of those days that it was really warm out here but my outfit choice was purely because I was so excited to wear this skirt made for me courtesy of a good friend Elize. I love the yellow and the print
 - it brings out the happiness inside.
And I just wanted to feel happy even just for a short while.

I have worn these heels before and besides the height - (I'm not sure how many inches they are)  I love that they look good and are so comfortable.

What I'm wearing...
Shirt - Vintage shop
Skirt - c/o Elize
Peep toe heels - Truworths 
Earrings - River Island
Shoulder bag - Street market JHB CBD

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