Not what you wearing but how you wear it..

Money money money - it can buy us many things but I want to talk about the intangibles it cannot buy such as time, respect, trust (and so much more) and style!
Have you ever taken a look at the way some wealthy people dress , as in they could be wearing designer, haute couture from head to toe with matching bag and accessories and yet they look a total mess! It could be that the clothes are ill fitting, clash ,don't match - the list goes on.
the crux of it being that even though the clothes should be making him/her look good in contrast to the person wearing clothes from a flea market or discount store they are no competition in comparison- in my opinion.

I have addressed this issue before in my previous post - Style vs Trend but then this goes a bit deeper.
I feel like we do ourselves a disservice when we look down upon certain clothing stores, markets stalls  and so on simply because we feel that they are cheap and may in turn leave you looking like it. I get it though sometimes cheaper clothes don't last very long (poor quality) or have a distinct print or design that is very noticeable and you don't want to be rocking the same outfit that Terry, Mary and Carey have on. oh my that can be so embarrassing.
On the flip side though we can't help but think 'who wore it best?'

Give several people the same dress and trust everybody is going to wear it differently even if it's something as simple as the hairstyle or accessories.
So again the lesson here; remember because of who we are in side and our personalities this will manifest on the outside on how we choose to express ourselves.
You Matter! Not the clothes and make up that you wear but YOU!

Whatever you do make sure that you are happy..

I was reading an article on wait but (check it out - you can thank me later) about how we make it a point to keep our 'mammoths' happy . the fact that all we do is think of ways of how we aim to please the next person and never ourselves and its all because of fear at the end of the day - we all crave acceptance that we will drown out our inner voice that's screaming so loud even a deaf man can hear!

Sidenote - it's been over a month since my last blog post and I feel shitty about that - I have been ill recently but still I had a few weeks where I was perfectly fine, and I thank you guys for still coming back to visit and going through the 'archives' waiting until you get some new stuff. 

lets talk about this green dress that i waited for what seemed like a lifetime, the postal service here in SA has been on strike so I couldn't order online and expect to receive packages in good time (or at all possibly) and I couldn't afford courier from the UK so luckily one of my friends was coming to Johannesburg so I quickly made my orders online.

You all know I love bodycon dresses, I just can't get enough and this one is exceptional because its cross functional and I like the Mint colour it's different- I can wear to work and to so many outings, in all types of weather too.

Midi bodycon dress - ASOS available here
Shoes - Mr Price
Jewelry - River island
Bag - CathKidston

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