Be careful of the people you have around you!

Be careful of the people you have around you.
I assume our environments play a big part in what we become, the way we think, behave and carry ourselves besides our genetic make up and  DNA of course.
Yesterday after speaking to one of my sisters at length it hit me that not only do women have to put up with so much criticism from the world in general but also from their loved ones.

There are some people that we like having around because we feel like they add something to our lives but the reality is that there are the ones that continually subtract from us.  
There’s only so much we can take before we get broken down completely. I hate it when people want to constantly empty out my Emotional bank account and yet have nothing to give back.  It’s not fair and it’s really not ok.

I don’t want to feel like I’m ranting but hear me out..
We may get taught a whole lot as we’re growing up but no one teaches us how to be emotionally strong and how to deal with the assholes of the world.
I swear it’s almost like some people are just plain horrible, they almost thrive on making other people miserable. Maybe you have a best friend like that , a cousin, brother , sister whose sole purpose in life is to constantly point out your faults and make you feel bad about them. See that’s the thing about letting people get close to you is that because they know so much about you they can and will throw it back in your face!

Sticks and Stones may break your bones but words go deeper and last much longer.
Let’s talk abuse –  the emotional, verbal kind of abuse, the kind of abuse that’s invisible to the naked eye because it affects people internally, breaking down their self esteem to the core.
I don’t understand men that shame their girlfriends or wives by calling them all kinds of names under the sun and yet say that they love her. And no it’s not an excuse to say that when you met her she was a size small and is currently now a size XL. Well guess what man , life happens, that was then and this is now and besides you’re not helping that person by always spewing rude remarks , fat shaming and generally making them feel bad about themselves.

I think it worries people when you become comfortable about your own body, the fact that you don’t mind your imperfections. It’s something they cannot fathom that you see the cellulite, the rolls and stretch marks and you’re ok with it.
Friends and loved ones are supposed to be our support system, our cheerleaders when things aren’t going so well.

I’m saying please make it a point to be around people that have your best interests at heart , who truly love you and support you but most of all accept you for who you are and what you are – you don’t deserve any less.
Get rid of that person who always wants to bring up your past, calls you names, Shames you, embarrasses you and generally makes you feel like shit!
 Life is already hard enough as it is you don’t need anybody making it even worse.

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