Love always

There are different aspects of love 
Love doesn't always manifest itself in one way - not only  between lovers whether heterosexual or homosexual but between friends, relatives and sometimes our pets (Not that I have one, hahaha , at the moment I don't even have a lover!) The  most important in my eyes being self love.
Love is elusive, it's not easy to stay in that 'state of love', but it is definitely something that we all require which makes life more magical.
I think it's possible to love somebody forever, even though it may not be possible  to stay with them forever.
Even in friendship, it's not so much that the individuals will change, it's your idea/perspective of them that changes - you seeing someone not necessarily for what they are but you have your own version of who you see them as and that version changes you get to realise there's a different perspective to what you are used to, so we have to able to either evolve with them or let them go. 
Remember to always be nice to yourself and love your self to the best of your ability.
I don't dislike myself, i'm reasonably comfortable with myself. And that's ok. 
A happy belated Valentines day to everyone, I hope that you continue to Love and receive it back.
Never give up on love - it's the food of life.

As you all know I still cant keep away from bodycon dresses and bright colours - this orange wrap dress is giving me all kinds of life today - I went to a nearby stream for a small picnic and it was oh so lovely..

Dress - ASOS
Jewelry - Zando, New look & Topshop
Heeled sandals - Luella (from Truworths)

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