Social Mediocrity

I like to keep Social media and my personal life separate. There’s just some things that not everybody should know. We all require our privacy to keep us sane. Besides you want to leave a bit of mystery behind, hahaha!

Attention seekers!
We all know who they are!!
On the flip side though one could argue that anybody who has a social media account is actively seeking attention – yes or nah?!

Let’s look at the evidence…
Your general motivation to take part in so called Social media profile is to interact with others, catch up, keep in touch and so on.
I mean for some of us it’s a business – it may be social but the intent is to get something out. Whether it’s gaining followers – there is power in numbers, the belief that the more people you interact with the more that will spread your message and buy into whatever it is that you’re selling. And sometimes what you could be selling is YOU! Aint nothing wrong with that at all, many people have become a ‘brand’ and their opinion matters to the masses.

So when I talk about social mediocrity – I am aiming at the people that I believe (I repeat – ‘I’ believe) are acting in a mediocre manner by using social media to purposely hurt others and make them feel bad. Because of the world we live in currently where people are continuously comparing themselves to celebrities or aspiring to look ‘perfect’ it has become very easy to tear down the people that don’t look the way society and the media tells us they should.
I know I go on a bit about not comparing yourself to others and all of that but at the same time I think we need to be aware of the things that we say and the comments and posts that we ‘like’ on facebook or what we retweet on Twitter.
Please read this article on social media bullying here

Do not lower yourself and hide behind the opinions of others just because you can safely do so from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Our opinions matter so much these days to the point that they could kill someone. You have no idea how many people commit suicide due to social media bullying. Not everybody has a thick skin and what you say could affect their self esteem and shake them to their core.
So please let’s think about our actions before they happen ;it’s as simple as asking yourself how would I feel if someone was saying horrible things about me. Words last a lifetime in someone’s memory and even more so on the internet – it never , ever goes away.

So lets talk a bit about my outfit choice this time around 

Palm print seems to be happening right now and Imagine my happiness when I found this bardot inspired one, love love, love.

This is what I wore..
Bardot dress – ASOS
Heeled sandals – Luella (from Foschini)

Lipstick – L’oreal in Julianne (I’m only mentioning it because I have never loved a lipstick as much as I adore this one!)

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