Kiss of Life ^_^

The last couple of weeks have been crazy both physically and emotionally.
Am waiting in anticipation to find out whether I have manged to make the top 10 for the model search and please if you haven't voted already please do. Thank you.

I was however given an opportunity to do something I love which is fashion and more importantly highlighting the fact that there is beauty beyond size.
The revolution has began here in South Africa and something tells me it's just getting started!!!

 Full of life..

what gives you the kiss of life, what makes you happy, what makes you feel alive?
whatever it is keep it close.

I've never been one for shying away from certain brands because of the size selection. I'm a firm believer in trying things on, you will be surprised. And this Club L dress just fit like a glove, love love love the asymmetrical skirts and skorts that seem to be the trend right now.

Dress - Club L available on, Heels - New Look, Jewelry - Market -China mall ,

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