A Man cannot save you..

A Man Cannot save you!
Well actually No one can save you besides YOU!

 A man can not save you. This was something that I never understood as a teen and something I struggle to forget as an adult. (An adult who has just turned 30 years old ^_^).
Other people can not solve the problems we have ourselves. Love does not cure all, it’s not a balm, band aid, and is not the only solution. 
But still, as I reflect back on my past relationships – especially one in particular –hahaha I won’t disclose names I remember how uncomfortable I used to feel.
When he touched my body, this body that society has told us is wrong. This body that I treated badly to release the feelings kept bottled up inside, deteriorating my very soul. 

Sometimes, self-hatred can run so deep that we mistrust the people who see our beauty and light. If the darkness envelops everything you do and see and understand about yourself and the world, a lie is hearing you have worth. Imagine turning down guys constantly that hit on you with no second thought.
 My friends said I had high standards. But inside, I thought: There must be something wrong with him to want me. When you find that person who literally appreciates every curve and crevice on your body and looks at you with a craving and longing for your being then you at least start to see beauty within yourself. Oh what a lovely feeling. That feeling where you don’t even need GPS to figure out where things are going between you.

Female sexuality is real.

 It is hidden and ridiculed and misunderstood. It exists in a myriad of different ways. It can mean a lot to some or nothing at all. We are all different, complex, more than you can ever imagine. 
With getting older comes maturity and worrying less about what people think of you.
You can’t find your f*#ks to give, because you actually have none. Hahaha.
Nah but seriously when you get to that stage whereby you’re able to articulate and communicate exactly what you want is a strong counter to your emotional vulnerability. A person can be “damaged” and still want. A woman can exist outside of standards of beauty and body and still want. Wanting does not disappear because of size. 

Openly and vocally and proudly.
You have every right to want that intimacy and want it now and not want it to stop. 

So today I turn 30! My gosh I can't believe I'm leaving my twenties behind but then I am excited for what's to come, the possibilities & opportunities. Im Staying Ready!!

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