Wear whatever you want!

When it comes to people trying to dictate your pace or putting you down because of the way you look  or dress...
I need you to act like you have no heart,
 cold as ice, 
but nothing can make you melt.
Because we wear what we want and look how we want!

I took these pics more than a month ago with the amazing Karabo.
I didn’t post them sooner cause I didn’t feel like it at the time.
I wasn’t feeling sexy and confident and I was having one of those days where my self esteem needed a boost. Not to say that I won’t ever have a low body image day again ,some days are better than others.
Can I wear high waist underwear forever as an outfit and just be ? Well not really , hah maybe..

I like the bra cause it makes my boobs look nice and I like the high waist underwear cause that thick band sucks in all the rolls and makes my tummy flatter than usual.
I’m actually fatter in person.

Bra and high waist underwear both Woolworths
Coat - Thrifted 
Heeled sandals -  The Fix

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