Triple Threat

I still identify as a feminist and feel that women are held up to a higher level of scrutiny and judgement than men.
Always have been , probably always will.
How to solve that - I honestly don't know.
Though from my own experiences and what I've heard from others is that actually other women are responsible for tearing others down because they don't fit into their mold of what is acceptable.
We are not perfect.
No one is.

I wanna give a shout out to all the women that want to see you do well without turning it into a competition.
The women who are all covered up and the women who aren't covered at all.
The women who have an opinion and others that are yet to find theirs.
Most of all a big shoutout to the women and girls learning to love themselves in a world that's consistently telling them not to.

Don't throw shade, Wear them!

Boohoo's Plus Size section is FIRE guys, I recently bought two slogan tees from them and if the exchange rate wasn't so bad with the Rand and the pound I would've got alot more.
Slogan tees are definitely not going anywhere!

Tshirt - Boohoo available here
Denim shorts - Dorothy Perkins jeans that I cut when the insides got torn from chub rub, lol
Strappy heels - Market, similar available  here
Choker - Mr Price 

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