Saints and Sinners

'Every Saint got a past and every Sinner got a future' - Jcole 

I think I've learnt more in the past 2 years than I probably have most of my life.
That nothing is black and white and that actually it is possible to love more than one person at the same damn time.
That sometimes you have to do bad things in order to do good.

There's so many things that I want - a better job, more money, to fall in love again, to see my  Mum and sisters  every single day and let them know how much I Love them and much much more.. And yet these things seem to elude me sometimes because of my own faults and lack of effort but sometimes things just don't fall into place the way that you want them to.
I'm learning to take every day as it comes and to be more fearless.
The problem is that humans are flawed creatures that have a nasty habit of doing the same thing and expecting different results. 
It's not lack of intelligence...
I think we put an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves to have achieved certain things at a certain age/time especially women.
The best advice I've received thus far is that ' No amount of guilt will ever change your past and no amount of anxiety can change the future'.

What I'm wearing 
Scarf worn as a top - Gift from a friend
Jeans - New Look
Heels - The Fix  

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