Be Aware that You are Rare!

I am different...and so are you!
I'm not the same as anybody, not even my siblings that have the same genetic make-up as myself. Even identical twins (if you closely enough)  DO NOT look exactly the same!

Ok so the people close to me know I'm a bit crazy in many many ways , weird too but then that's me and I seriously cannot envision myself being any other way. 

BUT..there was a point in time I actually considered 'toning it down'  so to speak. I mean I can be pretty  loud, outspoken and like laughing...alot. Some people cant stand that, so it was a choice between conforming so I could 'fit in' with a certain group of so-called friends because if they were real friends they'd just accept me as I am.  or not be accepted.

Pretending to be someone that you are not is exhausting!! 
Its basically living a lie - I mean I get it we all wear 'masks' everyday according to the settings we are in, you probably can't blurt out inappropriate jokes around your boss the way you could around your siblings.
However unless you are spectacularly good at lying you probably will not succeed for very long, so why bother?

Its strange how you can feel like you're betraying yourself when you're forcing a smile or pretending to be happy when you're dying inside of boredom or just sad.

Listen...Be with people you actually like, that add to your life and enrich your wellbeing. 
Sadly there's friends  that I have now that I feel are not worthy of time , energy, positivity and my one of a kind personality.

Truth be told - its not bragging - just stating facts - there is something that we all bring to the table that some or most people just do not have...and that's ok because there are qualities that they have that are not necessarily our strong points. 

You can continue to be something that you are not but just be aware  that you are rare and you are doing yourself and probably the world  a massive disservice by not conveying who and what you really are and that is RARE!

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