Fat like me..

We all have different levels of what makes us feel fat.
'you're not fat, cause you are smaller than me or your stomach isn't as fat as mine.
To think that other people are under the assumption  that 'you're not fat enough to be able to complain about your weight'.
I think that all of us as females 'like' to complain about our weight - at any size. I have met so many girls and women over the years that in my eyes didn't have an ounce of 'fat' on them and yet still proclaimed the anthem ' does my butt look big in this' or pulled skin from parts of their bodies and protested that it was indeed 'fat'. 
I used to think what the hell is so and so on about , why do they bother going to the gym - there's nothing to lose! And then I realised that fat is a mindset to alot of women , what one considers to be overweight, obese, obnoxious...whatever - is their own opinion - how they see it.

Labeling - this also plays a major part in one's perception what they consider to be 'fat'.
Society and media often only allows one sort of beauty to be perceived as acceptable in order to promote capitalism. One could argue that drug addiction,  alcoholism, self-harming, mental disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are perpetuated from hating yourself, hating your fat — and only seeing and being told only one form of beauty is right doesn't help the situation either.
All I'm saying is that we shouldn't put each other down because of the different shapes and sizes we come in, and next time don't roll your eyes when someone skinnier or fatter than you declares that they are fat.

I love jumpsuits by the way...I don't think they make enough of them - period. Think about it - When is the last time you walked into a clothing store and found jumpsuits as part of the collection - none right? anyway this jumpsuit is from Oasis which I bought in the UK about 3 years ago! I love how it sorta looks formal but it's not , dress it up with heels or casually with sandals - I'm currently on the hunt for jumpsuits will let you all know as soon as I make a discovery haha!

Jumpsuit Oasis ,
 Heels River Island ,
 Earrings Street vendor in Capetown 

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