Always dress like you're going to see your worst enemy

Every morning before you step out for the day you spend some time mulling over what to wear taking into consideration the weather, plans for the day etc, 
And And so time consuming so in an ideal world one would have planned what they are wearing the day before and would have it out on the hanger ready to wear. Eh Nah! 'aint nobody got time for that!'.
BUT I mean we all love to look good right and even more so at the chance that we might bump into someone we like and we want them to see us looking our best or it could be the chance that we might actually be face to face with that one person we loathe - I mean that kinda person who incites all the rage within you... But I mean statistically what are the chances? probably very slim.

Errrm I don't think we should take the phrase at face value - because it's possible that you actually don't have any enemies, frenemies or 'people or a person' that you loathe that much. In actual fact you could be your own worst enemy - because most of the time we don't realise how our thoughts become actions and how they affect us emotionally, physically, mentally etc.
When there's a little voice in my head(yes -the one we all have) telling me or reminding me how horrible I look I fight back by trying to suppress it.

There's an interesting excitement that I get when I have something that makes me look my best, a certain type of confidence that piece of clothing brings, a certain sense of achievement...that you just don't get with wearing the usual.
So my thing is I work hard therefore I like to spoil my self by purchasing nice outfits that will make me look and feel good right now, mot tomorrow or next week or whenever.
I am going to rock the hell out of my outfit and feel amazing - whilst shunning that little voice in my head that constantly wants to point out my flaws.
And well theoretically speaking if you did have a 'frenemy', 'enemy' and wanted to 'keep up appearances' then you would make sure you're looking great all the damn time.
Life's too short and you are being your own worst enemy by not wanting to constantly challenge yourself to do and look better.

This green dress made me green with envy when I saw it on the Asos website and I Just had to have it - I'm  a certified bodycon lover so it comes as no surprise that I fell in love with this dress.
Its just so pretty and oozes sex appeal, I like the material because even though its stretchy its actually very sturdy.
The shoes I got from the sale at Solo shoes for 120rand which is approx 10US dollars , around 4 GBP, so definitely a bargain.

Dress ASOS available here
Platform heels Solo

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