Why am I soft in the middle when the rest of my life is so Hard?

Lately I have been feeling low, The general consensus being that Life is hard! Difficult , not easy, problematic (whichever description you can find in a thesaurus relating to hard).
Just when you think ok I can breathe, I can get on with it then the unexpected just comes from nowhere.
They say if you want to make God laugh then tell him your plans!
We think we know but we have no idea...
I'm not sure of what Paul Simon meant by his lyrics ;Why am I soft in the middle when the rest of my life is so Hard?
I took them literally in the sense that my tummy is soft - enveloped by layers of fat and flesh - lots of it- like alot, ok maybe not so much but hey don't judge me - remember my post about everybody's different perception of 'fat'.
So my thing was why does everything in my life have to be so difficult cause even though my middle is soft its something that I don't like and then everything else in my life is still hard - just not fair!
Anyway I eventually got over the 'hard' feelings and have accepted that's that what makes life so interesting - a balance of good and bad.

My outfit choices so far haven't been swayed much by the cooler temperatures in SA and The African tribal prints have really taken everybody by storm and I am no exception.
This has been a long time coming and there's something about the prints that makes you feel alive.

Top - Cotton On,
Skirt c/o Shovalifestyle,
Platform heels - New Look 
Clutch - Stuttafords
Earrings and Necklace - New look 

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