supreme being

OH MY GOSH!! It's been like forever since my last post but its been crazy - sprained ankle, two car accidents work pressures and just pure unadulterated procrastination Laziness are my reasons but anyway I am going to be making much more of an effort from now on.

So..I didn't want to offend anybody whether it was from a religious or theoretical point of view because to refer to ones self as a ' supreme being ' would be just not right. Hence my aversion to using capital letters.
Anyway ...I would be interested to know what your take is.
My love for the brand Supreme being began a few years ago when I was still living in London - I didn't quite grasp the philosophy/concept behind it...until now...(4 years to be exact!) I know right, I'm useless.
I admire their mission statement 'Created first among equals' and absolutely Love the logo - the lady face that appears on almost everything - whoever she is she's beautiful and has a face of lasting presence.
Imagine my happiness when I discovered that it is in indeed available here in Sunny South Africa!! I mean it was difficult to find in shops in the UK so I would buy online.
 To me Supreme being means you  have the freedom to be whatever you want..or as bad or good as you wanna be. And yes as with other brands high fashion to grunge its all about the way you rock it and own it!
Its been getting chilly here lately as winter has finally arrived and I wanted to be warm, comfortable but still look stylish so I incorporated all three and it worked.

Hoodie - Supreme being available online , similar one here 
Leggings  Cotton on
Boots - Nine West

By the way did I mention purple is my favorite colour!

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