Office Chic...

I'm that chick that doesn't always do things by the book
I hate structure however I like to be in control
I'm that chick that has the most weirdest playlist in her car ranging from Motown , Bob Marley , Evanescence, Paul Simon, Jayz, Brenda then Tina turner kinda music - yeah that's me.
I'm probably that chick you see in the car singing and dancing doing the hand movements looking like an episode of Pop Idols
I'm that chick that will put salt on oranges 
I'm that chick who will probably start wearing sandals before spring has actually sprung...
I'm that chick that chooses outfits on what could happen later that day (I'm trying to stay ready , haha!)

So what kind of Chick are you?? 
I would love to hear from you guys , pls just drop me a mail or just comment below

I like outfits like this that have a pop of colour because I'm a firm believer in you look how you feel and I swear every time I wear this green it makes me feel happy! Its nice to add colour to the normal standardised work ensemble , I urge you to  try it sometime.

What I'm wearing..

Blouse - Karen Millen
Skirt - Foschini
Heels - Mr Price  
Handbag - TomEva

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