Yes to the Dress...

It was  my sister's wedding a few weeks ago and as you all know weddings take copious amounts of preparation and organisation so the pressure is on from the onset.
The responsibility of being the maid of honour...oh my gosh! 
To be honest I didn't really enjoy myself much because I was so stressed before during and after the wedding so you can imagine how my sister was feeling.

Finding a bridesmaid dress/maid of honor dress can be an extremely difficult task when you're not a straight size because let's face it, most shops don't cater much for the curvy girls or chances are when you do find your size its doesn't seem to flatter your body shape well.

That's where my saving grace came in the form of my lovely friend Brigette who is an awesome designer/dressmaker , she truly loves what she does and it shows in her garments.
I went to take measurements probably a few weeks before the dress was made - it was a great experience from seeing a sketch being borne into the final product and  it was definitely worth it!
A great fit goes a long way so here's a few tips when choosing a bridesmaid dress

Firstly, NEVER , ever get a dress that outshines the bride , well I think because we all know that just isn't right because its not about you - its about them.

Get the brides perspective on your choice of dress but don't continually nag her about it - shes probably got 10 000 other things to worry about besides your dress.

Put your face on - Make up is necessary  - If you can get it professionally done , even better. Remember the photos need to look as good as can be

If you purchase online don't order too small. ordering from the internet brings up uncertainty of the sizing, so  order a size up  tailor it down if needed.

If you get your dress in advance  try it on every so often just in case you lose or gain weight in the process. It would be a nightmare not being able to fit in the dress and the wedding is days away and is a destination wedding like my sisters was.

 Look for a dress that you could possibly wear again. - why not get your money's worth. 

Shapewear/Spanx & under garments may be needed, perhaps a strapless bra or a wonderbra might do the trick  so  If you need to invest in new under garments then do so.  

I was so busy during the wedding that I didn't get a chance to take any photos so I had to  make time to capture this work of art. Thank you again Brig - YOU ARE AWESOME!!

Dress - RokaRoko by Brigette Mashile  available here
Heels - Solo

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