Stay ready.....

Never give up..easier said than done.
It's not so much what happens to us that actually makes the difference it's rather what we do with what happens to us that determines where we will end up
 how our experiences make us what we are today that's why you gotta stay ready for whatever's coming - good or bad.

 Probably the hardest , challenging obstacles that we face come from within ourselves - these are the worst to overcome cause we are simply blinded or don't even realize they exist. Some of the obstacles could be
Lack of desire/inspiration - for me this simply means I just can't be bothered and when problems come your way you easily accept defeat without even putting up a fight!!

Not believing in yourself 

No commitment 

Negative emotions 

Staying ready basically means when the 'right opportunity comes along you're already prepared'.
Relationship wise - when the right person enters your life you're already ready to give yourself completely and want to make it work.

I don't want to be one of those people that looks back on life with regrets of all the things that they did or didn't do simply because they didn't have their 'tools' ready to do so.

You gotta dream big - start envisioning your life and what it could be.
 I always joke with my friends that one day I'd have a butler dressed in full regalia and I even have a name for him, lol. 
When meeting up with them I'd do a Kanye and tell them '" Sorry I'm in pyjamas but I just stepped out the PJ" - meaning my private jet and NOT my pyjamas ok, Hahahaha. 
But do you understand where I'm going with this -  basically that no dream is ever too big (within reason of course) you just have to put in work. Please don't give up in whatever you do unless you know you've really really tried.

Ok so what I'm wearing - I'm still trying to get over this 'fear' of baring my tummy which lets face it is not that flat and eh hmmm *cough* I do not have a six pack but well I guess it only takes one positive experience to make you more braver about the next one - and thankfully the last time I wore a crop top it wasn't a train smash.

This button down denim top is awesome because you can change it up when you feel like or if you start getting cold or really conscious of yourself then you can button it all the way to the end - no problem.

Denim shirt - Matalan
Skirt - Cotton On
Jewelry - River Island
Heels - F&F 

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