Let the sun shine..well at least sometimes

I'd like to think of myself as a joyful, cheerful , positive - minded soul yearning for people to be the same. ALWAYS. Not some of the time , not partially, not in between just happy. 
Mood swings are inevitable, we all have them, others have them more frequently , some try to disguise them as 'that time of of the month'...whatever.
The easy part is recognising that you are feeling down and out because someone has upset you , work/school life is stressful, you've got alot of bills to pay this month and so on.

Worrying about your problem/s isn't going to solve them, its either you confront them or just let them be up until which time you feel you are ready to deal.
we are not always going to be happy all of the time but at least try to be. I mean really try. Do what you gotta do and mull over the situation but don't let it suck you in!

Think about something good that you have coming up to lighten your mood, make you smile or get your mind off things for a while. (In my case Vodka always helps)
There's a balance with feeling good or happy because without the bad times you can't really fully appreciate the great times. Kinda like when on your wedding day and you're looking lovingly at your husband to be and how awesome he is compared to the no -strings attached -like a cordless phone psycho ex-boyfriend you had. 
Hahaha I'm jus saying..not a personal recollection. But you get what I mean.

So...a few hours ago I was feeling really down cause I'm broke now and just had to pay for something that was necessary. But being broke just sucks right? but then I figured whats the point of letting it ruin the rest of my day or week cause frankly being sad about it was not going to magically restore my bank balance.

As Buddha so rightly says 'your thoughts become you' so take care of what you think people.

This is what I wore the other day....
It was an extremely hot day and I wanted something light and airy. The cotton on top was perfect as its made from lightweight jersey material though the sleeves are slightly long (which means less sunburn on my arms), the skirt I love because it has pockets and print , plus the fact that its flared which means more fresh air circulation, haha. Though not so good on a windy day otherwise you're constantly going to be walking around with your hands to the side. 

Top Cotton On , Skirt Truworths , Sandals  New look, Cuff Lovisa , Earrings River Island 

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