Style vs Trend..

Finding a well fitting pair of jeans is a difficult I mean it’s bad... sometimes feels almost borderline impossible, they’re either too baggy or too stretchy or just look like something that my Mum should be wearing. 
My advice is if you do find the perfect pair buy a second just in case...(mine seem to always struggle to hold it together around the inner thigh area after a while!! ) 

I decided to experiment with wearing an undergarment as outerwear. The black 'top' is actually a bodysuit/bodyshaper. The underwear as outerwear trend has surely passed though if you'd like to see  more click here . Its summer here at the moment and I am sure by wearing a black undergarment with slightly shiny material is soo not on trend right now but I don't care much.

My stance is to not be afraid of looking/dressing differently from everybody else, trends come and go as seasons do but your personal style is everlasting.  
So what if it looked amazing when so and so was wearing it doesn't mean its going to look the same on you! 

Please do not refer to magazines as a style guide to tell you what to wear, remember stores and magazines need trends in order to sell.
Have the courage to follow your heart and stick to it. Find what is comfortable and what works for you, ultimately what makes you feel good.

As for me i am most definitely a work in progress when it comes to my own personal style and it is still evolving. The more confident you become you are more eager to take risks, try out different looks and follow your inspiration. 

So next time you think of going into a shop and wanting to look exactly as the mannequin in the window...think again. 

Don’t put on a façade for the rest or try and emulate them, conquer the world your way!

Jeans Dorothy Perkins, Bodysuit Marks and Spencer - Similar here , Pumps Makro , Belt Calvin Klein Jeans, Blazer Next. 

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