Stop Comparing yourself to others!

Whatever shape you are - Pear, apple, hourglass, straight, round...I could go on..people will either love it or hate it, yourself included. I'm sure we are all familiar with the phrase 'another mans meat is anothers' poison'. inherently we are all different in the way we look , behave, our interests, likes and dislikes and ultimately our definition of beauty or attractive.

The MEDIA plays a big part in shaping our thoughts of how we see others and ourselves. 
One only has to open a magazine to find a fat phobic article that renders itself  a 'health issue' or 'keeping fit'. Don't get me started on the lack of plus size models or celebrities that appear in the spreads - anyway I digress..
Perhaps its the model on the cover of the magazine, the girl in the shopping queue, your cousin who resembles Beyonce or JLo or even your best friend!!

Frankly it shouldn't matter who ''they ' are. Believe it or not most women struggle with some part of their body on a daily basis but its important to focus on what you do like about your own body...again..yes..I will say it again..because its the only one you have.

Erase the fear and inferiority complexes that you've carried your whole life.

Let go of all those feelings that keep you self conscious.

I want you to find that one thing that makes you feel extra beautiful whether its your lipstick, or a favourite pair of jeans and believe that YOU are Absolutely Gorgeous!!

I decided to do two outfit posts because they are so different, though I managed to feel pretty good in both. Ofcourse it crossed my mind comparing the two Staceys in different hairstyles and clothing that one looked better than the other and then I realised that everybody else would have a different perspective on which I looked better in and then I remembered that I shouldn't really care....still 'a hot fat girl' either way!

What I'm wearing..

Jumpsuit; Street vendor in Capetown, 
Blue heels Rage

Baroque dress click here and Black heels click here both available at, (dress is backless by the way, forgot to take a pic of the back)

*Sidenote ladies- I don't believe in New Year resolutions because everyday is a chance to start over, to change your mindset , to be better - don't wait for a calendar change to dictate your pace!!

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