Who you really are inside and what you really desire.

Have you ever taken the time out to ask yourself who you are, what you want from this thing called life and where exactly you're going.
I think its important from the onset to be loving towards yourself regardless of all the shitty things that might have happened to you or the negative feelings you have looming about.
I wouldn't believe if someone told me they love me and yet they don't love themselves and vice versa.
See the thing is I have been through the same predicament; I was in a relationship and I thought that I was totally in love, No doubt I used to love 'him' and probably still do but I didn't love myself, I was so unsure and uncomfortable in my own skin, thus resulting in negative body image, self esteem issues, insecurity and paranoia culminating in the end of said relationship. 

Did I mention before that I'm a slave to music for a plethora of reasons though its the lyrical content that really gets me.
Lauryn Hill really hit the nail on the head when she declared 'How you gonna win when you aint right within'- take it however you want to, dissect it and find your own meaning but ultimately it comes down to the exploration of thyself - who you really are inside and what you want! 

Time and time again I couldn't fathom the thought of how someone we see as 'perfect', like good-looking, great body, great legs...etc still felt that they were not attractive. But then I realised it's their mindset that holds them back from believing  that they indeed are beautiful. It starts from within then it will flow outwards.

You have to start with accepting yourself , accepting the things you can't change (like people's perceptions) , I decided to accept my fat , the fact that its there, its part of my body so I have to learn to love my body as it is right now and stop punishing myself and complaining about it. 
Hey don't get me wrong if you feel there are parts of your body you would like to change by all means do so but don't lose yourself in the process.

I just hate that being 'fat' is synonymous with being unhealthy or unfit - Just because it looks that way on the outside it certainly doesn't mean that a thinner person will necessarily be healthier than a fat person. 

Love thyself from within that's the first step to winning and getting what you deserve and much much more.

Dress , River Island , Shoes Faith , Statement necklace Forever New

PS -  Yes I know ,another black dress *hides

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