What to wear...?

My wardrobe and I frequently get into fights, everything is currently on the floor....I Won!!! ^_^
No but seriously looking for what to wear can feel like an uphill battle at times, its amazing how we can have so many clothes in the closet and yet can't find anything to wear.

I own alot of black clothes - not because they are presumed to be more slimming , this is definitely not the case, the fabric or material used is far more important for instance say for a LBD. Black can be quite boring at times so its important for the rest of your outfit to have some colour, especially when its summer.

Believe it or not this dress is actually 4 sizes too small (gasp!!!) Hahaha but because of the stretchy material it fits just fine. I paired it with these heels I bought in Early December last year and didn't get a chance to wear as yet. The red and leopard print of the shoes gives the look a much needed zap of colour and texture.

 I love how the dress gives a nice shape and the long bit at the back which is super cool if you are conscious of your legs ,I also opted for a more reserved look with leggings underneath, whatever takes your fancy - me personally I prefer without. There's something about the low high skirts and dresses that gives the comfort factor.

Dress Lipsy 

Red and animal print heels - Plum available here



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